About Hans

Hans holds a Masters degree in Double Bass performance from the Chicago College of the Performing Arts (CCPA), where he was mentored by some of the world’s premier double bassists from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Lyric Opera Orchestra. Hans actively plays with professional groups throughout the Chicago Metro area, including the Northbrook Symphony, Chicago Composer’s Orchestra, and the Salt Creek Chamber Orchestra, and regularly plays principal with many of these groups.  He has played in symphonies, period ensembles, jazz orchestras, and jazz/rock combos at some of the best venues in the Chicago, including Symphony Hall, the Harris Theater, Martyrs, the Double Door, Cal’s Liquors and the Auditorium Theater.

Hans began his musical life at the age of six, beginning Suzuki violin studies at school, and soon moving on to the private studio of Dorothy Baxter, the retired assistant concertmistress of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 8, he began piano lessons, and from that point forward, Hans never actively played less than two instruments. Moving to the band program in 5th grade, Hans played various low brass instruments, until settling on the tuba in the 7th grade. This path lead to three straight trips to State level contests resulting in the highest awards possible, and culminated in admission to the performance program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a college freshman.

Paths diverged from formal music in college, and in addition to being a critical member of the vaunted UW Marching Band, Hans discovered electric bass. From there he taught himself as he played, composed, sang, improvised, and toured with countless bands in Madison over 6 years, including Aftertoast, Mudshark, and Mabel. The latter lead to an acclaimed recording and a move to Chicago, and that led back to college and a discovery of Hans’ life’s work; the Double Bass.

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