Jack Bruce’s bass solo with Zappa is worth paying attention to…..

Jack Bruce has a history of being a trailblazer as a bass guitarist.  He played as an improvisational equal with Eric Clapton in the Cream days, and later played an assist on Frank Zappa’s 1974 album Apostrophe(‘).  Bruce was not only a prolific songwriter and a fearless improvisational groundbreaker, he was one of the pioneers of bass effects, especially overdrive and fuzz.

The title track harkens back to the Cream days with a Power Trio jam of Frank Zappa, Drummer Jim Gordon, and Jack Bruce with more bass fuzz than you can handle.

Incidently, Frank Zappa is probably one of the most underrated electric guitarists of all time.  Overshadowed by his amazing compositional genius, his guitar playing is so outstanding there is a 32 track double CD from 1988 called Guitar.

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