Low End Bass Studio Recital This Saturday!!!

Join the students of the Low End Bass Studio this Saturday for our fall recital!

Classical solos, duets, electric bass transcriptions, fun group arrangements of popular TV themes, and much more.

Come down and join us for a fun afternoon of bass music, with a great reception to follow.

Recital is at 3 pm Sat Nov 8th at the St Gertrude Parish Ministry Center, 1420 W Granville, Chicago.

Friends, families, prospective students are all welcome.  Are you curious about our studio’s activities? Come out and see for yourself!

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Stephen Lester in Recital Sunday June 8th, 7pm

Make plans to get to the Fine Arts building on Sunday June 8th for an amazing solo bass recital.  Steve Lester is playing Bottesini and the Arpeggione on the same program!

Stephen Lester, CSO bassist since 1978, is performing several cornerstones of the bass repertoire in solo recital. Works include Bottesini, Schubert’s Arpeggione, and several works by R. Gliere.  In addition, Mr. Lester will be joined by violinist Rachel Goldstein and pianist Mio Nakamura to perform Three Romances by Clara Schumann.

The recital is June 8 at 7:00 pm in the Playhouse of the Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Ave. (main floor, on the right). Admission is free to the public.


F. Schubert, Sonata in A (the Arpeggione)

G. Bottesini Concerto #2,

R. Gliere, Intermezzo and Tarantella

Stephen Lester, Double Bass and Mio Nakamura, Piano

Clara Schumann, Three Romances 

Stephen Lester, Double Bass,
Rachel Goldstein, Violin,
Mio Nakamura, Piano.

For this perfomance, Mr. Lester is using a double bass made in 2003 by Daniel Hachez, and a bow from the early 20th century by H.R.Preftzchner.

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Lakeshore Symphony plays Mahler 2 on June 1st!!

Heads up Lowenders!

Lakeshore Symphony, including yours truly on Principal Bass, will be presenting Mahler 2 Sunday June 1st.  The performance is at 3 pm and takes place at  Northside Prep High School in Chicago, near Kedzie and Bryn Mawr.

For more info and tickets, follow this link.

Mahler 2 is a giant work, and a large part of the first movement is a huge bass soli.  You don’t want to miss this one.

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Cool video of what Bass Strings really look like when vibrating!

Wonders of new high shutter speed cameras.  Check it out!

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Chicago Bass Ensemble performs Sunday October 13th in Chicago

Make sure to make room in your schedule for the latest upcoming Chicago Bass Ensemble performance!


North Shore Baptist Church
5244 North Lakewood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

2:00 pm, with a reception following.

Performers include:

John Floeter

Jacque Harper

Anton Hatwich

Hans Peterman

Click here for more details.

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Outstanding Bass Choir

Great sounding version of Anton Bruckner’s Ave Maria.  With all basses!  Enjoy.

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Double Bass playing at it’s best

Hey all,

Meet Božo Paradžik.

This video represents double bass playing at it’s best in my opinion.  The sound speaks for itself.

Schubert Arpeggione Sonata 1st Movement


Second and Third Movements

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Charles Mingus Sextet at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975

I love Charles Mingus.  I have as long as I’ve liked jazz.

This is a great video of Mingus playing at the end of his career.

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat…..bass solo around the six minute mark….wait for it……

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Jack Bruce’s bass solo with Zappa is worth paying attention to…..

Jack Bruce has a history of being a trailblazer as a bass guitarist.  He played as an improvisational equal with Eric Clapton in the Cream days, and later played an assist on Frank Zappa’s 1974 album Apostrophe(‘).  Bruce was not only a prolific songwriter and a fearless improvisational groundbreaker, he was one of the pioneers of bass effects, especially overdrive and fuzz.

The title track harkens back to the Cream days with a Power Trio jam of Frank Zappa, Drummer Jim Gordon, and Jack Bruce with more bass fuzz than you can handle.

Incidently, Frank Zappa is probably one of the most underrated electric guitarists of all time.  Overshadowed by his amazing compositional genius, his guitar playing is so outstanding there is a 32 track double CD from 1988 called Guitar.

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Cliff Burton Isolated Bass on “Orion”

Gone way too early, Cliff Burton has come to define complex metal bass playing in many ways.  Sometimes lost in the mix, many do not realize how melodic, complex, and beautiful his lines are.  Cliff’s playing defines one of the best things about music; hidden gems that you might have not even heard the first time around.

A college-trained pianist, Burton is one of those musicians who figured out how to play the music in his head, and inadvertently broke new ground, defined new levels of bass guitar virtuosity, and inspired a generation of players like myself.

Also a prolific part of Metallica’s writing process, Cliff helped define metal’s large compositions by bring knowledge of classical form and a strong melodic and harmonic sense to the table.  In addition he brought a more varied musical taste to Metallica’s members, famously making them jam out to Creedence Clearwater Revival when they all drove around Oakland in his car.

Check out this isolated bass track to Orion off 1986’s Master of Puppets:

Look for more Cliff posts in the future.  So much to hear and talk about from one of my favorite players.

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