Orchestra Musician is not a cush job – support your local musicians

As many know, there has been a rash of labor disputes involving some of America’s finest orchestras, large and small.

In our charged political climate, it is not unusual to hear people who don’t know better siding with management.  “The musicians should be happy with the salary they get.”  “I don’t get paid that much!”  Eight weeks of vacation!  That’s crazy!”

The labor disputes in San Francisco and the Twin Cities have been especially nasty.  Recently an opinion was written on Brian Lauritzen’s blog in response to a misinformed opinion siding with orchestral management on these issues.

Read this great article here

Countless hours of dedication, uncertainty, lack of moral support, poverty, competition and other hardships await those who wish to pursue the constant artistic growth needed to make a career in the arts.  There are no salaries, benefits, solid paychecks, or certainty for musicians trying to pursue their dreams until they make it to the very top of their profession, and now those rewards for the select few are in jeopardy.

Support the arts.  They are what give us humanity, are the most important cultural gift to future generations, and remain one of the most pure and noble of human pursuits.

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