Hans at age 10

The benefits of music instruction are well documented. It is hard to overestimate the intellectual, creative, and social growth that children gain from these experiences. I have a wealth of experience teaching children and young adults, and know from experience how to cater learning to benefit your child.

Any child can learn to enjoy playing music. It doesn’t have to do with talent or a natural gift. It concerns a willing teacher able to bend pedagogical approaches to work with how your particular child learns best.
I don’t exclusively use a particular book to guide my lesson plans. I write out materials for children to play on bass, like Harry Potter themes, popular songs, and Christmas tunes. I use scale sheets, technical exercises, and etudes from several books along with my own written materials to help young bassists learn effectively. More importantly, my number one goal is to foster and build a lifelong love and appreciation of music.

Performance of music encourages a healthy sense of self-esteem and accomplishment. Students in my studio have many opportunities to participate in solo recitals and group performances that are rewarding and fun for the student and family alike!

Children’s musical development is greatly aided by the group activity of making music. Working with other musicians of similar skill levels allows students to build musical skills, foster a sense of responsibility to others in the group, and allow them to feel like a valuable member of the team. I encourage all of my students to become involved with group musical experiences, like the Northside Youth Symphony.

Music is a great way to further goals of higher education. In the competitive world of College Prep high schools in Chicago, musical achievement is a great way to enhance your student’s ability to be successful in the stringent selection process. Looking further, music scholarships to college make pursuit of higher education easier, and allow promising students to receive musical educations from some of the top schools in the country for a more reasonable price.

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