Student Testimonial #1

“When I began working with Hans about a year ago, my ability to read music was still rudimentary, I didn’t fully understand music theory, my technique was poor, and I had never played with other musicians. Hans has helped guide my development so that now, I am able to read music and write using musical notation. He also has helped me to more fully comprehend music theory. I have also been able to improve my technique based on his feedback and exercises which he developed and customized to my needs. Best of all, I have been able to confidently rehearse and perform with a full band. Hans clearly has deep experience and has been able to clearly articulate his recommendations on my technique such as improving my left hand fingering, improving my understanding of rhythm, and finding a way to make my instrument sound the way I want it to. He has worked with me to develop a personal musical development plan that fits my needs and schedule. His many years of experience in performance and as a student himself are evident in the way he has helped me to deal with any roadblocks that have come up in my studies. I feel that Hans can relate to any question I bring up. I highly recommend Hans as an instructor.”

Neal P – Bass Guitar

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