Student Testimonial #2

“I’m a self-taught bassist. Before I met up with Hans, my playing involved a lot of educated guessing—I could play the notes, but my fingering was sloppy and I had an extremely basic knowledge of music theory. I knew I wanted to improve, but part of me had a warped fear of private lessons, like the teacher was going to be a cold, calculated drill sergeant eager to turn me into a musical robot.

From the get-go, though, Hans shattered that stereotype. His teaching philosophy is refreshing: he acknowledges that no two players are the same, and that there’s no one “right way” or system for someone to learn. He took my skills at face value and then we took a focused approach to nail down my weaknesses and improve on them, and I did. He has no interest in mindless drilling; whenever he presents a drill, he explains the reason for it. You know, like an adult.

But most of all, what I think sets Hans apart is his passion for music. It’s infectious. One of the first things he asked me was what music I cared about; he continually stressed “I want you to be the type of player that you want to be.” I told him I’m a big fan of Motown and the Beatles, and he could effortlessly pick apart their styles. As I was learning some James Jamerson basslines, Hans stopped at one point and said, “Man, I’m excited for you to learn this. This man is a legend, there is a goldmine of stuff here, and you’re not that far off from getting there.” After that lesson I went out and watched three Motown documentaries, read Marvin Gaye’s biography, and practiced the bassline to “What’s Going On” like a man possessed. My lessons deepened my appreciation for music I already loved and turned me on to some I hadn’t before.

And the more I got to know Hans I realized I could’ve said “I want to play funky Mozart in a jug band” and he would’ve been just as capable and genuinely excited. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Eddie S. – Bass Guitar

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