Student Testimonial #3

“I am a guitarist, writer, and engineer that found himself playing bass in a Black Sabbath tribute
band. Quickly under water, I decided to seek help, and luckily found Hans.
Too old and ornery to actually “learn” how to play bass properly, Hans quickly adapted to
my needs. Noticing and adjusting technical aspects of my playing, he was able to improve
my sound immediately. By compromising lesson plans, we found several exercises that I
was able to incorporate into my own systems. I learned that my problems were mine and
not my guitar’s, and was able to confidently contribute to the project.
Mostly, however, Hans helped me philosophically. Through our discussions, he patiently
helped me discover the nature of the instrument. I evolved into more of a bassist than a
guitar player playing bass, and became a better musician in the process. My work on bass
has directly translated into my guitar playing, drumming, and writing.
No matter your level of experience or your reason for seeking lessons, Hans is the man
to take you where you want to go.”

Mat L – Bass Guitar

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